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Present from Lviv

To buy interesting and tasty souvenirs that will remind you of a trip to Lviv, just visit one of the Lviv fairs on the market square or Freedom Avenue. And to make your choice easier, we have prepared a basic list of local souvenirs and delicacies:


Drunken infusions:

Since ancient times, locals have produced their own alcohol, which is called "Nalivka". This fragrant, tasty and strong drink is made from ripe cherries, raspberries, currants, gooseberries, blackberries, blueberries, plums, thorns and other berries that are poured into a bottle and sprinkled with sugar. The berry juice was combined with dissolved sugar and began its fermentation in a warm and bright place for a month. After that, the liqueur was drained and the berries were used in cooking. These ancient recipes have survived to this day and are very popular among the locals. You will find a list of establishments where you can buy liqueurs in the next article of our blog.


Lviv chocolate

Salty, sweet, peppery, ingots and

gift sets, it's all about chocolate that you can buy in Lviv chocolate workshops.

In fact, there are many tastes and shapes, it is impossible to describe in words. That is why, go to Lviv to enjoy these gastronomic masterpieces.

And true fans of chocolate can book an apartment right next to the chocolate workshop located on the street Serbskaya, 3.


Coffee cup:

Coffee is a symbol of Lviv.

From time immemorial, Lviv ladies and gentlemen have traditionally started their day with a cup of aromatic coffee, rereading the news in a local newspaper sitting on the terraces of Lviv under the gentle rays of the sun, or behind a coffee shop window on romantic rainy days.

Thanks to the large list of shops with souvenir sets of different types of coffee, you will have the opportunity to take with you a piece of the fragrant atmosphere of Lviv at home in the form of several bags of coffee.

But to see how coffee is made in the mine, you can in a colorful place called "Lviv Coffee Mine", located at Rynok Square, 10. Even more interesting and unusual things you can see at festivals dedicated to this famous drink.



Clay and wood products are a craft that is actively developing in western Ukraine. Masters invest in their creations the soul and creative elements of national identity. Earthenware with paintings will decorate your table and the table of your loved ones. Therefore, we recommend that you buy at least a few plates and mugs to make your favorite dishes even tastier.

You will find the largest selection of dishes at the fairs located on the market square and Liberty Avenue.

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