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Hotel or apartment

When traveling to another city, everyone is faced with the choice of what to book, hotel or apartment for rent.

About living in a rented apartment:

The market of daily rent of apartments in Lviv is developed at a high level. Compared to hotel rooms, the cost of the apartment in terms of price and number of beds, is extremely profitable from a financial point of view.

An important privilege of renting an apartment is the availability of a kitchen with all appliances, which will allow you to prepare your favorite dishes for all family members or friends with whom you travel together.

You will also have the opportunity to invite guests, which is impossible to do by booking a hotel room.

By renting an apartment daily, you get to use a washing machine, kitchen and household appliances at no extra charge, as is the case with renting a hotel room.


About accommodation in a hotel room:

The hotel usually has SPA-centers and entertainment areas, children's rooms and gyms, as well as restaurants.

The hotel has the possibility to order dinner with room delivery, use the reception services around the clock such as ordering a taxi, buying plane or train tickets, or booking a table in the restaurant.

Most hotels have 24-hour security, CCTV cameras and a safety deposit box located in the room to store valuables. These services are free, but their availability affects the cost of the room.

As for the price of accommodation, the cost of a double room is usually higher than the cost of a one-room apartment in the city center of the same class as a one-room hotel room.

So, comparing the rent of a hotel room and the rent of an apartment, we can conclude that renting an apartment is financially more profitable and convenient for guests traveling with a group of more than two people.

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