Traveling around the world for tourist or business purposes, most people want to learn the history and culture of the city through the perception of information through a professional guide, taking into account the wishes of most of our guests, we added the services of the guide in the list of our additional services


Individual excursion is 2 hours

200 UAH. ( per hour )

Group excursion with other tourists 2 hours

100 UAH. ( per hour )


The city, which is called little Paris, which was planned by germans, but was built by italians, which people in love choose for proposals, and just married couples choose for the honeymoon.

Where the coffee flavor mixes with the sounds of jazz. Life acquires a new colour, and time slows down your run.


Lviv, during the time of the Austrian emperors, at the time of prosperity and change. The opening of the first banks, the construction of theaters, palaces and casinos. World Discoveries and Inventions. And also, interesting stories from the life of the capital of the Austrian province, called Galicia and Lodomeria.


Magic number 7 ... It manages space, embodies wisdom and reveals secret knowledge.
Seven of the most beautiful buildings in Lviv, striking their beauty and grandeur, attract many cinematographers of the world.
As seven notes embody the harmony of sound, our excursion transmits a sense of spirit, a special charm and color, which is characteristic only of the city of Lviv.


Qia excursion to allow you to get to the bottom of the town, to convey the spirit of historical events and will tell about the mystical life of our city. Lviv dungeons stretch for hundreds of kilometers and, accompanied by an experienced guide and interesting legends, you can see the best of them.


It is impossible to imagine Lviv without a cafe, their coziness and the feeling that the time is here to stop for a cup of coffee. During the excursion you will learn how the coffee appeared in Europe and why Lviv is considered to be the homeland of coffee. You will hear many interesting stories related to this magic drink and find out where the most popular coffee shops in Lviv are.


Visit the temple that Prince Leo built for his wife Constance. Enter the active male monastery, see the cell where he lived and published his books Ivan Fedorov.

Feel the special energy in the oldest temples of Lviv, which originate from thirteenth century. And at the end of our excursion go to the highest mountain, where once King Danilo Galitsky built the castle.


You will learn the history of the temples, inspect the interiors, hear stories about miraculous icons, iconostases and the architectural treatment of temples.

During the tour, information is provided on individual saints, church traditions, religious celebrations and mysterious monastic orders.


Lychakivsky cemetery - one of the most valuable in Europe gatherings of high-art necropolis sculptures.

On the highest hill is the cemetery of the participants of the January uprising (1794) under the direction of T. Kostiushko. You will also see the Polish Military Memorial, the Ukrainian Military Memorial, where the Sich Riflemen and supreme commanders of Ukrainian Galician Army are buried.


The gates of the cemetery separate the existence from non-existence. Not without reason Clio is a muse of history, she is the daughter of Mnemozina, the goddess of memory. Memory - historical, history is unforgettable, and here it appears before us in its eternal fluidity.


From the beginning, the high energy of squares, courtyards and parks of Lviv inspired romantic mood and exacerbated feelings. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are so many smiling faces on the street that you want to smile in response, start a conversation and ... fall in love.

In numerous cafes and bars, in the evening and at night young people drink coffee, have fun and dance. When you see them, the story goes back hundreds of years. Even then they did the same thing  ...

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