Accommodation rules in apartments

1. Settlement / Check-out:

1. Time of arrival in the apartment from 13:00;

1.1. Departure time from the apartment from 11:00;

1.2. Early check-in or late check-out is provided to guests only with availability of seats and no applications for similar dates in accordance with the price list;

1.3. The keys to the apartments are transferred to the guests after the presentation of certificates.
1.4. Adjustments to the number of nights before 14 days prior to arrival are not allowed.

2. Financial part:

2 Check-in after 23:00 is additionally paid by guests at the rate of 10 USD directly at the time of check-in;

2.1. The cost of renting an apartment for parties is twice as high as the base price for the specified date;

2.2. Payment for the whole period of stay takes place at the time of settlement, excluding prepayments which are made at the time of booking the apartments;
2.3. The advance payment is refundable only if the reservation is canceled for 30 days or more;

2.4. When staying in a pet apartment, the guest pledges to pay an additional fee set by the administration if this is provided for by the rules of the selected apartments;

2.5. In case of damage to the property, the guest fully compensates for the cost in accordance with the prices indicated by the administration of the apartment network.

3. Responsibilities of guests:

3. Observe the rules of accommodation in the apartments, otherwise the administration has the right to evict guests without compensation of paid funds;

3.1. Smoking is not allowed in the apartment, smoking is possible only at the entrance to the apartment or on the balcony;

3.1. When booking the apartment for partying, guests are obliged to inform it at the time of booking. If this action has not been agreed with the administrator, the latter has the right to evict guests without a refund of prepayment.
3.2. Take care of the property in the apartments and throw away garbage in specially designated places;
3.3. Do not commit acts that disturb peace and interfere with other residents of the home;
3.4. Observe the rules of fire safety;
3.5. When leaving the apartment: close the water taps, close the windows and doors of the balcony, turn off the lights and equipment in the apartments, close the front door to the lock.

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